Tanzania Spring 2022

Africa, how do I describe this experience. I have no words. Beautiful land, beautiful people, unbelievable experiences daily. Today was very special for me as we went back to the Maasai tribe in the bush and I was able to speak to the women about childbirth and bleeding. My translator was amazing and funny and put me at total easy. The women ranged from very young to very old with four tribal midwives in attendance. What an honor to speak to these amazing women. As I discussed childbirth, bleeding, and treatments they became so engaged! They began to interact and ask wonderful questions. We became a circle of women discussing issues and hardships. As they asked questions, sometimes very challenging ones, my heart was humbled and broken for them as they truly wanted this basic knowledge to help each other. We laughed at things, at times, I even cried as I prayed over a woman with a very serious issue that only my Father in heaven can fix and I’m believing he heard my prayer and cries for her and she is healed in Jesus name. I offered private time for questions that were to personal and was challenged in the questions and issues they are dealing with and have no medical care available. When we were finishing the service, I was humbled to my core when they gave an offering to buy me a water because I had talked so long standing. How precious is that gift I’ll never forget. Reminds me of the woman who gave all she had in the offering. These woman have nothing, but I could see love and peace in their eyes. We connected on a physical and spiritual level as women and sisters in Christ. I will forever be changed by this experience and thank my beloved Jesus that he chose me for this assignment. If there is anything more I can say to this experience it would be that I came to bring them love, hope, supplies, and more importantly Jesus. But I have found I’m receiving much more than I have to offer. Lord help me be the light of your precious gospel to these people
Kelly Johnson (Tanzania STNM Missionary)

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Jeff Dinges - March 17th, 2022 at 10:42am

This is amazing! God is so good and I am blessed to be able to witness how God is using you and your ministries to preach the Gospel throughout the world!